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Archive of Photographs and papers available for sale
Second Aviation Instruction Center, Tours, France and the school of Aerial Photography created by Edward Steichen, Chief, Photographic Section, Air Service, American Expeditionary Forces, during the First World War.

This archive was put together by Capitaine Donald MacKain, voluntary enlisted in the french army. The nationality of Captain MacKain cannot be found in the archive.

The archive includes the following documents :
  • History and activities of the school of Aerial Photography from the date its creation was requested by Major E.J. Steichen on June 18, 1918 to the date on this typed document, December 20, 1918. Text redacted by Captain Fred Place, Director of the School of Aerial Photography. (6 pages).
  • About 75 9x12 inches photographs about the activities at the different section of the Second Aviation Instruction Center, Tours, France. Photographs taken between August 25th and December 20, 1918. Photographs are not attributed.
  • 1 volume containing 50 bulletins for USA School of Aerial Photography, redacted by William Tyler Page. 110 pages with drawings.
  • Standard Field Systems and Methods Suggested for the use of Photographic Sections of U.S.A. Compiled by Aerial Photography School, 2nd Aviation Instruction Center from methods in use by the French Army. 2 typed pages.
  • Drafting Work of a French Photographic Section. 7 typed pages.
  • Classification of Negatives and Prints - File Albums. 4 typed pages.
  • Stereoscopic Reconnaissances. 1 typed page.
  • Duties of draftsmen in a Photo Section listed in order of their urgency. 4 typed pages.
  • Headquarters Air service, S.O.S., A.E.F. Office of C.A.S. Photographic Section, 28 July 1918. Photographic School at 2nd Aviation Instruction Center. Purpose of the School. 1 typed page.
  • Progress for Photographic Training School at the Second Aviation Instruction Center. 1 typed page.
  • Lectures on Interpretation and Utilization of Aerial Photographies by Captain Donald MacKain (French Army)
  • 5 identical photographs, portrait of Captain Donald MacKain.

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