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  GC, NW Chromatics Amethyst, Lavender Oriental Shorthair  

GR, CH Printer's Arronmore of Eastridge

  GR, CH Printer's Arronmore of Eastridge  

GC, RW Chromatics Espresso

  GC, RW Chromatics Espresso, Chestnut Oriental shorthair  

GC Chromatics Angel Baby

  GC Chromatics Angel Baby, Blue mackerel tabby Oriental Shorthair  

GC Chromatics Jade

  GC Chromatics Jade, Seal point Siamese  

GC Chromatics Galena

  GC Chromatics Galena  

GP Chromatics Miss Moneypenny

  GP Chromatics Miss Moneypenny, Blue point Siamese 
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