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  Happy Owner Comments:

Our cat Chakra is the most lovable & smart kitty. She follows us like a puppy and jumps into the shower to see what is going on. We also have a Bengal, Tigre, who out weighs her by double. He comes in the front door and she barrels down the hallway and knocks him over and he looks up at me like what was that!!! No fear in this little kitty. She also rules over 2 German Shepards, about 110 pounds each. Needless to say this princess has her own kingdom.

Madie Garcia
Ponte Vedra, FL

Lara is doing just great! Sorry I haven't written sooner, but have not been on pc for awhile. It didn't take long for her to adapt to her new surrondings. She wasn't shy at all. She gets into everything. She is truly a lap cat if there ever is one. The minute I get home she wants to be held. She is in my lap when I try to eat. We watch TV together until she falls asleep. Then she waits for me to go to bed so she can join me. She is a great cat.  Hope everything is going well on your end. Until my next letter take care and thanks once again for Lara.

Robert Cobianchi
Holiday, FL

Hi Carol, Here's Sherman's latest medical records for your file. Lucky and I am so pleased with Sherman. He is one of the world's great cats! Thanks again.

Larry & Lucky
Key West, FL

dear carol--sorry to be so delinquent in updating you on the health of the oriental shorthair kitten we purchased from you at the cat show in ft myers this past july--her name is jade-she not only gets along well with the resident sphynx cat but she also lets him know when she will not take any bossiness on his part--she is eating well & has been to the vet for her initial checkup & was spayed aug 13-of course only a few hours after surgery she took out her stitches thus ending up with staples & a cone for her head- not a very happy kitten for a while--she is now cone & staple free--back to her chattering, running, chasing the other cat & finding the smallest places to hide--she has definitely found a very loving home-thank again for a very welcome member of our family--barbara springer

What a little loverboy!  All he wants to do is cuddle and get tummy rubs.  He slept right next to my head all night. We love him already.  His personality is very different than Jeffrey which is great. Jeffrey is starting to really warm up to him and he does not have a problem with my dog, a good sized lab mix. He is not afraid of anything except maybe the vacuum cleaner.  He is so sweet, he sits on my shoulder when I watch TV.  My daughter who is fluent in spanish has named him the little cat with the great big eyes, "El gato piquano con los ojos muy grandes".  She is a nut, I'm calling him Pip.  I got so blue when she left to return to Virginia yesterday, I am so glad I have him now to cheer me up. Again, we love him. Thanks.

Angie Holley
Louisville, TN

After losing a couple of my older Orientals, that I loved so much, I had to get another "ornamental" to fill the void. When I took Corona, a beautiful lavender spotted boy, home from Carol's, he took over the household. He has no fear, is into everything, has to see everything that is going on (also looks in the shower like Madie's cat), plays like a maniac sliding up and down the hallways and is in the lap of anyone who comes in the house, rolls over on his back and looks up as if to say "aren't I the cutest thing?" He has brought such love, joy and humor into our household. Thank you Carol!

Wendy (Dietrich) Maltz
Winter Springs, FL

Ava is doing great! We have had a very busy December (-who hasn't?!) We have been coming & going, and we've had visitors & Ava has taken it all in stride. She gets a little spooked when there is a lot of "gross motor" movement going on. With an eight-year-old son who is a sports nut, that is quite often, I'm afraid. (Evan watches sports with the appropriate sportsball in hand, and acts out the plays!) - But Ava has settled in very well. She is very at ease with our cats Simon & Amber. She has established herself as an equal to Simon; I have never witnessed him aggressively chasing her around the house (even though he does outweigh her twofold!). Ava does, however, take to chasing Amber from time to time. She is very comfortable in the presence of our golden retriever Lucy. I have found them lying nose-to-nose in my bedroom closet - a favorite sleeping spot for Ava. Come bedtime - she sleeps with me My husband Joe tells me that I would never tolerate that from any other cat, but that is not the case. She is just the most maleable! She just settles in and relaxes in what ever position you put her in and tolerates repostioning without any complaint! She has the sweetest disposition and has proven to be such a joy! Ava even won over my mother-in-law, who has never been a cat enthusiast. And my Mom loved her! Mom found all of Ava's sleeping spots and frequently sought her out during the day just to have her cozy up on her lap! My vet checked her out and gave her the appropriate booster shots. He & his colleague fawned over her at their office. He has two tonkenese kittens at home, so he especially enjoyed what a perfect siamese specimen she is! I took quite a few photos over Christmas so I'll attempt to scan some and send them to you once I have them developed. Stay tuned!! Until then - best wishes for the New Year!!

Panama City, FL

Dear Carol,
I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how everyone is doing here.
Jake is a great cat. Thank you so much for him. Like you said he is interested in everything. He was a great help wrapping the Christmas presents. He especially liked helping curl the ribbons. This evening when we were installing a kitty door into the laundry room he was right there helping supervise all the details. Jake likes it here very much and has blended right into the household. Murphy had no problem with a new cat, but Leo was jealous for the first couple of weeks. I have tried to make sure that he had plenty of lap time and he doesn't act like he's mad at me any more. Although I have to say that when Leo is on my lap and Jake decides he wants to be there too, he doesn't let Leo get in his way, he just plops right down. We found that three cats in bed just didn't leave us enough room. So we put an afghan on the sofa in the evening and they all curl up together to sleep. The three of them are really beautiful together. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your new year is Y2K uneventful.

Panama City, FL

Just thought you'd like to know that Salem is a movie star now. My husband is doing a weekly 8-minute segment on the local TV station promoting his business and giving animal care tid-bits and every week he brings one of our pets or someone elses. One week he brought Salem and the host of the show went crazy about her! I was amazed at how good she is - she's usually such a spazz! Michael mentioned that he thought Oriental Shorthairs were absolutely wonderful and that he had the breeder's name at the office. People actually wrote in letters about how beautiful Salem was! I have it on tape, and will copy the tape if I can find someone to do it. Salem is my constant companion and I love her dearly. I am currently on bedrest for some complications of pregnancy. Lying around is NOT my thing, but I am never lonely because she is always by my side. The other night I got up in the middle of the night and I felt bad, because I saw that she had been playing with all of her furry mice and had taken them out of the basket and had strewn them everywhere, probably just hoping someone would wake up and play with her! She is all curled up in the window cat-napper now with her paw over her eyes. She is soooo special!
Hope you are well! We are hanging in there.
Think of you often - Cassia and Salem have given me so much joy. Happy Thanksgiving if I don't hear from you before then...

Nancy Herman
Vero Beach, FL

Thimble is a love. What a character she has become. She helps with everything which worries me when it comes to cooking because she gets up on the counter and sticks her nose into whatever is there. I really have to get on to her about that. She has a special mouse that makes a noise and she chases and retrieves it until either I am tired of throwing or she is tired of chasing. She is only happy sleeping on my head which drives me crazy. I am allergic to cats so I have had to start on antihistamines. I was OK until I had a cat in bed especially on my head.
A friend came over Tuesday nite and loved her. I told her I could give her your name and she could get her own but she couldn't have Thimble.
Thimble and Jazzie are wrestling on the sofa. She plays with all the cats and the dog. what a character. I think of you every day when I see that little bundle of energy tear through the house. Best wishes

Knoxville, TN

All our babies/cats are doing great!!!!!!!!! Minka, Jedi & Floyd (aka Fluffy). A friend laughed too hard at calling a male; Fluffy. They are all big love bugs, Minka being the biggest."

Okeechobee, FL

Willow is going to be her name. She has finally come around and the boys, especially Rowan play with her and love on her, Tally has finally stop hissing and I caught him giving a few kisses yesterday. Hope all is well with you and the other kitties. It sure is nice to know another good breeder to recommend. I'll send some pictures to keep up and in touch. Enjoyed meeting you as well.

Duluth, GA

We found our way home just fine. Smoky is doing fine, just getting used to us, his new surroundings and of course Pudgy who's not sure what to think of him. You were right, he is a lover but he is so active I can hardly keep track of him. he had his first vet visit today and got a clean bill of health. he was the darling of the office with everyone coming to see him. will send pictures as soon as I can get him to hold still."

Tierra Verde, FL

Thank you for asking....Macintosh is doing wonderful and we love him. He and Nicholas are becoming great friends which is exactly what we wanted. Take care,

Bart and Tonya
Middleburg, FL

"Lotus is doing GREAT. My parents love her!! I do too--she is so sociable, and always wants to sit in someone's lap and cuddle. She loves Cozzie; he is still getting used to her, but they are getting closer everyday (I think he's just building up his tolerance for having a little "kid" around, since she's always pestering him! :) I took these pictures during a St. Patrick's Day party my parents had last Saturday. There were about 40 people in the house, and Lotus was the hit of the party! She "mingled" with everybody and strutted her stuff all over the place. She is WONDERFUL, and I thank you again for the opportunity to adopt her!"

Sarasota, FL

"What a DOLL. She is WONDERFUL!!!! What a love. Thank you so much for making our home complete again."

Milford, CT

"All is going well, he is a treasure! He for sure has taken over our hearts... Thanks for everything!"

Savanah, GA

"Minko is doing good. What a beautiful cat! He sleeps under the covers with our 6 year old daughter every night. Both of them love it." "Minko got neutered today. He is doing great. He was telling everybody at the vet his life's story. I like his deep voice, he talks a lot but it is not annoying at all. Everyone at the vet just loved him. He is getting more confident with the dogs every day. He will walk up behind them and check them out now. He is 3.75 LB now. I will send you a copy of the procedure."

Anchorage, Alaska

"She's very smart and listens very very good. Fortunately we've been able to train her manners a bit. She now knows that the kitchen counters are off limits, and that she's not allowed on our lap or table when we are eating. Also she knows that she's not allowed to go out the doors that beep (alarm on the doors that go outside). Smart Kitty!!! She's truly something special. Everyone loves her and keep telling me that she's so different! So: Thank You Carol for such a loving little Angel!!!"

Sandy Morgan
St. Augustine, FL

"She is a beauty!!! Absolutely breathtaking."

Chicago, IL

"Her paperwork was perfect. Also, she arrived as like a little princess, in a nice carrier and a big bed." "At the vet's she steals the show, everyone was looking, and our vet is crazy about her, she is purring even when she gets her shot's." "If it was all up to her she would be hanging round my neck the whole day long. From the day she arrived I have a very special bond with her, I love all my other cat's very much but Daytona is really special."

Ronald and Anita
Den Haag, Netherlands

My sister and I met you at the cat show a few weeks ago where we purchased the female Oriental Shorthair Lavender kitten who I have named Chloe. My sister originally purchased her but because of problems with one of her cats I bought her. I want to mail you a copy of the vet bill where I got her spayed and also send you some pictures. Chloe is absolutely wonderful! She is a gorgeous cat and so sweet. I am extremely happy with her. Last Friday I had to put down my 16 1/2 year old Lynx Point. I am so very heartbroken, but having Chloe and her "sister" Stella helps tremendously. They get along well and are very close to each other already.
Thank you Carol. Chloe is a very special animal. I am very grateful to have her.

Kathy McMullen
Cocoa, FL

Belle//Beau/Sunday Morning...
Belle had a problem again. I was awakened this morning with Beau scratching like mad at the bedspread at the bottom of the bed. Like he was digging for something. I shot straight up because it is hard enough for me to keep my spread together in the first place. I am always having to sew those little squares back together. Well, Belle who likes to sleep under the cover, Beau does not, had lost her way again. She has no sense of direction. And apparently had tried to get out of the bed going the wrong way and was trapped in the sheets at the foot of the bed! Beau was trying to get her out! Isn't he a wonderful big brother? So I untucked the sheets and she tumbled out......... Last night they get separated from each other. Belle apparently wandered into the bathroom just as Scott was going to take his shower. She was in the bathroom with the door shut and Beau was in my bedroom with the door shut. You have never heard such frantic meowing! It was definitely a different meow. They were both beside themselves. I let Beau out first, then he found her and stood there carrying on until I let her out. Then they kissed and groomed each other like crazy! Two cats are more than twice as much fun as one!

Clearwater, FL

Dear Carol:

Just a short note to let you know how things are going. Little Indigo ("Indi") is settling in just great. I'm amazed at how quickly he became acclimated to his new surroundings. He has been so affectionate and well-behaved.
Indi and Sam (our Himalayan) are taking their time getting used to each other. Sam doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and is just curious about the little blue thing. Indi is a little afraid of Sam, which appears to be the only reason they aren't better acquainted already. Indi slept with me in a separate room the last 2 nights, so as not to encroach upon Sam's territory too much too soon. I'm not going to leave them alone together in the house for a couple more days, but they appear fine. Indi also appears quite mature in that he is fine to be left alone in a room for a several hours. As I was doing some yard work out back yesterday, he layed on the window ledge and watched me. I never knew an animal could be so affectionate; he's such a little lover. Of course, he's sleeping in my lap right now. He has an appointment to be neutered on Wednesday. I'll send a copy of his vet statement certifying that he has been neutered. Thank you for allowing us to adopt this little beauty. He has a great loving home here, and he seems to be very content.

Best wishes,
Jacksonville, FL

"Hickory is the best of all! He is the most loving kitten I have ever seen! This cat is awesome! He is so wonderful, he is much more personable than Duncan....he is more like Cholla...and here he sits on my lap as I type...this guy is a lover boy all the time. He already knows his name....Could he be shown a premiership division? I just think he is such a cool cat that people should see him....his personality is the best!"
Melitta Lueck, Vet Tech, Aloha, Oregon

"I've been meaning to write you and let you know how things have been going. Basically, it's wonderful! We love our little Leo to distraction. We named him Leo because his long nose reminds me of the Lion King. As I'm typing this he's sitting in my lap. I wanted a lap kitty and Leo is definitely that! Our other concern was how our other Siamese cat was going to accept him and that has also gone much better than we had ever expected. We kept Leo in the spare bedroom for the first few days. We only let Murphy into the room for a few minutes each day and only when Leo was in his carrier. So by the time Leo and Murphy were allowed to be together it was only a few minutes before Murphy asked Leo to chase him. Since that day all four of us sleep in the same bed! We took Leo to our vet and he wants to wait until Leo weighs about 4 1/2 pounds to neuter him. He thought just after Thanksgiving would be when we'll do it. We'll make sure he lets you know. Thank you for Leo. We love him very much and he loves us, too."
Sandy Sturgis Panama City, FL

"She's got a great personality, I am very surprised to see how intelligent these cats are, they learn quickly, I think they are dogs disquised as cats, when they want to be held or petted-they really let you know,they're also extremely affectionate and responsive-that's one of the reason's I really love them!"
Eric & Karen, Glendale, AZ

"I thank you again for breeding such a beautiful cat. She has changed my life, and gave my mother so much happiness. She's the kind of cat that loves to just lie in you lap for hours, which was perfect for my Mom when she was sick and bedridden. My husband has many clients at Westside Animal Hospital with cats from your cattery who look like Cassia and are just as sweet!"
Nancy, Vero Beach, FL

(This was the most wonderful letter! It was 2 pages long. I can forward the whole letter to anyone as a reference along with some photos. Cassia was my first Grand Champion.)

"We have fallen deeply in love with your little baby, she settled in beautifully, the only problem we have encountered is a difficulty of sleeping since she wants to get very close to us at night-preferably under the covers, she is gentle, friendly and loving to everybody and has seemed remarkably healthy."
Peggy, Cedar Key, FL

"I cannot begin to tell you how many hours of pleasure we have gotten from our cat ,he is now the most spoiled child that you could imagine, he retrieves like a dog, you throw-he brings back."
Amanda, Sparta, NJ

"Just a short note to thank you again for the love of my life. It was fate that we were brought together, he brings me more happiness than I could ever imagine! He is my world!"
Marie, Tybee Island, GA

"Bailey is doing fine and is loved very much. He is of course, spoiled rotten. I claims to be happy and no one can believe that I have a cat that plays fetch until they see it. Best money I ever spent!"
Katherine Dodds (D.V.M.), Miami, FL

"The kitty is so sweet and beautiful. I'm in love! She sure kneads those little front paws of hers alot! Everyone loves her. She likes to sleep with her head on Jesse's cheek at night."
Mary, Cape Canaveral, FL

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