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Lighter than Air
Aeronautics in Russia

Moscou Aeronaute Charles Gilbert Ballon Captif Electrique Lot de 14 Photos Anciennes 1900
Moscow French Aeronaut Charles Gilbert Te...

Voyage en Ballon Odessa Constantinople Aeronaute Gilbert Lot de 14 Photos Anciennes 1909
Balloon Flight Odessa Constantinople Aero...

Moscou Ecole Polytechnique Etudiants Ballon a Gaz AĆ©ronautique Ancienne Photo 1912
Moscow Polytechnic Institute Students Gas...

Moscou Vol en Ballon Aeronaute Charles Gilbert Panorama Ancienne Photo 9 Mai 1912
Moscow Balloon Flight Aeronaut Charles Gi...

Moscou Vol en Ballon Charles Gilbert Meller Prince Galitzine Aeronautique Lot de 7 Photos 1912
Russia Moscow Balloon Flight Yuri Meller ...

Moscou Vol en Ballon Record Rumpelmayer Goldschmidt 2 Photos Anciennes 21 Mars 1913
Moscow Balloon Flight Record Rumpelmayer ...

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