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19th Century Photographers Business Cards
Price List

Price (EUR)
G15632 Xer Salon de Photographie Paris Carte Permanente 1906 SOLD
G15633 Photographic Studio Talbot Card Publicity Paris 1910 SOLD
G15634 Photography Studio Guimaraes Card Publicity Brazil 1870 SOLD
G15635 Photographic Studio Petit & Trinquart Publicity 1859 SOLD
G15636 Photographic Studio Provost Toulouse Publicity 1870 SOLD
G15637 Photographic Studio SEE Paris Publicity Card 1860 SOLD
G15638 Photographic Studio Charavet Paris Card Publicity 1862 SOLD
G15639 Photography Pioneer Leon Cremiere Porcelaine Card 1862 SOLD
G15640 Photography Pioneer Studio Tournachon Jeune Card 1857 SOLD
G15641 Photographic Studio Alexandre KEN Card Stern Paris 1864 SOLD
G15642 Photography Studio Dalton Kaulak Visit Card Madrid 1900 SOLD
G15643 Photograph Pioneer Gustave Le Gray Porcelaine Card 1858 SOLD
G15644 Photograph Pioneer Gustave Le Gray Business Card 1858 SOLD
G15645 Photographic Studio Pioneer Mayer Porcelaine Card 1855 SOLD
G15646 Photographic Studio Pioneer Mayer Business Card 1855 SOLD
G15647 Photographic Studio Pioneer Levy Porcelaine Card 1860 120.00
G15648 Photographic Studio Pioneer Levy Porcelaine Card 1860 SOLD
G15649 Photographic Studio Ad Tournachon Porcelaine Card 1861 SOLD
G15650 Photographic Studio Ad Tournachon Porcelaine Card 1861 SOLD
G15651 Photographic Studio Dagron Paris Porcelaine Card 1861 SOLD
G15652 Photographic Studio Nadar Card Publicity Paris 1885 SOLD
G15653 Photographic Invitation Mieczkowski Studio Paris 1870 SOLD
G15654 Photographic Invitation Card Humblot Studio Paris 1880 SOLD
G15655 Photographic Studio Pioneer Mayer Paris Visit card 1855 SOLD
G15656 Photography Studio Invoice Gustave Levy Paris 1860 SOLD
G15657 Photograph Studio Invoice Antoine Provost Toulouse 1880 SOLD
G15658 Original Model Guimaraes Photographic Rio Brazil 1870 SOLD
G15659 Photography Studio Guimaraes Publicity Card Brazil 1880 SOLD
G15660 Photographes Amateurs Osodarc Freres Paris Card 1860 SOLD

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