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Louis Bleriot and his airplanes

Louis Bleriot (1872 - 1936) started experimenting with heavier-than-air flight as early as 1900.
His trial and error approach and numerous crashes ruined him financially until one day of July 1909
when he became the first man to cross the English Channel in an airplane,
and more generally the first man to fly across a large body of water.

Bleriot's carreer as a pilot didn't last very long after the Channel crossing
but he became one of the founders of an organized aviation industry in France.

Bleriot VIII bis Airplane in Flight at Issy 1908 Photo
Bleriot VIII bis Airplane in F...

Bleriot VIII Monoplane Crash Aviation Photo 1908
Bleriot VIII Monoplane Crash A...

Louis Bleriot en route for Channel Crossing 1909 Photo
Louis Bleriot en route for Cha...

Bleriot Flying seen from Escopette Channel Flight 1909
Bleriot Flying seen from Escop...

Bleriot flying over English Coast Channel Flight 1909
Bleriot flying over English Co...

Bleriot Giving Speech at Banquet Channel Flight 1909
Bleriot Giving Speech at Banqu...

Early version of Bleriot XI REP Monoplane 1909 Photo
Early version of Bleriot XI RE...

Jean Conneau at Daily Mail Reception Bleriot 1911 Photo
Jean Conneau at Daily Mail Rec...

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