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Flying Pioneers: Pre-WWI Aviation Price List

B00512 Wilbur Wright Flying Camp d'Auvours Le Mans 1908 Photo SOLD
B00513 Bleriot VIII bis Airplane in Flight at Issy 1908 Photo SOLD
B00514 Louis Bleriot en route for Channel Crossing 1909 Photo SOLD
B00515 Bleriot Flying seen from Escopette Channel Flight 1909 SOLD
B00516 Bleriot flying over English Coast Channel Flight 1909 SOLD
B00517 Bleriot Giving Speech at Banquet Channel Flight 1909 SOLD
B00518 Jean Conneau at Daily Mail Reception Bleriot 1911 Photo SOLD
B00519 Aviator Jorge Chavez Early Aviation Pioneer 1910 Photo SOLD
B00520 Geo Chavez Flight over the Alps Aviation Photo Lot 1910 SOLD
B00521 Latham flying over Paris Boulevards Aviation Photo 1910 SOLD
B00522 Aviator Christiaens Flying Farman Airplane Photos 1910 SOLD
B00523 Capitaine Tarron Deadly Crash Military Aviation 1911 SOLD
B00524 Early Aviator Ruchonnet & Airplane Photos & Poem 1910 SOLD
B00525 First Bristol Boxkite Airplanes in South Africa Lot of 7 Original Photos 1911 800.00
B00526 Etampes Ecole Bleriot named Students Aviation 1911 SOLD
B00527 Gilbert le Lasseur de Ranzay in Bleriot Airplane 1911 SOLD
B00528 Aviator Student & Dogs in field Bleriot School 1911 SOLD
B00529 Louis Gibert Airplane crash in Paris House 1914 Photo SOLD
B00530 Issartier seaplane Hydravion in Lancon 1914 Photo SOLD
B00531 Alberto Santos-Dumont walking towards Flying Machine SOLD
B00532 Legagneux flying Farman Biplane over crowd Photo 1910 100.00
B00533 Early version of Bleriot XI REP Monoplane 1909 Photo SOLD
B00534 Latham Farman & Sommer Flying at Reims Meet 1909 Photo SOLD
B00535 Bleriot VIII Monoplane Crash Aviation Photo 1908 SOLD
B00536 Farman & Weyman Studying Michelin Cup Map 1910 Photo SOLD
B00537 Biplane in Snowy field Otto & Alberti AGO Photo 1910 SOLD
B00538 Pioneers Farman & Paulhan in Automobile 1910 Photo SOLD
B00539 Leblanc, Aubrun & Mamet, Bleriot Pilots 1910 Photo SOLD
B00540 Glenn Curtiss flying at Reims Air Meet 1909 Photo SOLD
B00541 Rougier Flying over Latham's Antoinette Heliopolis 1910 SOLD
B00542 John Moore Brabazon in his Airplane Aviation 1908 Photo 150.00
B00543 Early Russian Aviator Popoff Wright Biplane 1910 Photo SOLD
B00544 Andre Frey on Morane Monoplane Paris-Madrid Race 1911 SOLD
B00545 Andre Beaumont Jean Conneau at Vincennes 1911 Photo 100.00
B00546 Rene Metrot on Voisin Biplane Rouen Meeting 1910 Photo SOLD
B00547 Leon Delagrange in Bleriot Airplane Aviation 1910 Photo SOLD
G11036 Georges Legagneux Aviation Pioneer old Signed PC 1911 SOLD
G11037 Massol Edmond Military Aviation old Signed Photo 1911 SOLD
G11038 Rene Jost Military Aviation old Signed Photo 1911' SOLD
G11039 Herveux Jane Bleriot School old Signed Photo 1911 SOLD

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